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Work From Home. Secure Your Business.

GCA’s President and CEO, Philip Reitinger, explains some very simple steps you can take to stay safe while working or studying from home

Practical Steps to Help You Work From Home Securely

Securing your business is a challenge under the best of circumstances. The new need to work remotely makes it even more challenging.


We have pulled together our top recommended actions from the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit that you can implement quickly to reduce the risks associated with having a workforce that may not have been entirely ready to operate remotely.   

Here you will find: 

  • Recommendations and links to free tools from the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit 
  • Step-by-step instructions that you can cut and paste to send to your employees 
  • Access to a Work From Home Community Forum where you can go for more help and ask questions of GCA security experts 
  • Resources from GCA partner organizations and various government entities

The tools and resources here are also appropriate for nonprofits and academic institutions that have moved their teachers and students to remote learning.   

We encourage you to share this site with your partners and community to help everyone stay more secure.  

Get Started

Patch to Protect

Keep laptops, tablets, phones, and routers up-to-date.

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Sign In Securely

Add stronger locks to your online accounts with two-factor authentication.

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Defend Against Phishing and Malware

How to use Quad9, a protective DNS service that prevents access to malicious sites.

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Public Wi-Fi Wisdom

Guidance for using public Wi-Fi while protecting your business.

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GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit

More free tools and resources to reduce your risk.

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GCA Community Forum

Join the GCA Community Forum for help and resources from colleagues and experts.

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Understanding Work from Home Technology

Keep your work technology secure.

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