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Work From Home: Cyber Griffin Adapts to Changing Workforce Landscape

City of London Police Uses Historic Symbol for New Cyber Training Solutions

Sometimes during difficult times, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s worth looking back at our history. 

The City of London is a “Square Mile” within London; a separate city that houses the UK financial district. Now, due to COVID-19, the 600,000 people who commute daily into the Square Mile are working from home. The City of London Police, one of three founders of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), formed Cyber Griffin as part of their response to cybercrime – they conduct briefings and simulations, such as their “Lego exercise,” in order to help companies improve their cybersecurity. 

The first instance of the Griffin image is from 1067 as a mythical dragon-like creature; it has since become the symbol of the Corporation of London. The original Griffin project began in the 1990’s as a response to international terrorism and gained great support from global businesses based in London. Cyber Griffin has taken this original “physical brand” and used it to gain support in the world of cyber, originally by offering physical training briefings. 

Now, because of the increase in remote working, the response by the City of London Police has been to convert their briefings into videos – these complement the GCA Work From Home Campaign and the GCA Work From Home Community Forum. It’s great to see a defiant mythical creature of strength continue to be an icon in tough times as different challenges come our way. This is a timely reminder that many of the human and social factors which help us remain strong and effective in a crisis are common to us and not to the crisis itself.

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