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Work From Home: Impacting Small Businesses in All Industries

By Barry Gooch, Chairman of Prevention of Fraud in Travel, Ltd. and GCA Ambassador

From time-to-time many people find themselves operating away from  their normal place of work. It’s usual to ensure that the normal workplace is a safe environment to conduct business but less consideration is given to remote working. Unless specific consideration has been given to security when remotely working it is often not realised that leaving the safety of the usual workplace will leave the employee and company open to cyber-attacks.

During the current pandemic, the risks created by remote working that we see in UK travel have grown massively and this is backed by the police warning that they are seeing a substantial rise in malicious activity including:

  • Malicious spam
  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • E-mail takeover
  • Phishing and spearphishing
  • Data mining (stealing your customer data)
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Distributed denial of service attacks (breaches of computer security by using bots to overwhelm it)

At PROFiT we work closely with the UK travel industry, which includes many small businesses, in order to reduce the risk from fraud. Reports coming through to us from across the industry indicate that heightened attacks are occurring at this time.

For some time PROFiT has been working with the Global Cyber Alliance in order to offer FREE and effective tools to the industry which, if taken, will significantly reduce the risks of some of these malicious activities. An important free tool is Quad9 which protects users from accessing malicious sites and the Cybersecurity Toolkit  for Small Business.  Now, more than ever, everyone needs to be vigilant, be sceptical, and be safe.

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