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Work From Home: It’s Not Just About Work

By Shehzad Mirza, GCA Director of Operations

When it comes to working from home, the main focus is on making sure your systems are safe to connect back to your workplace and that bad actors are not able to compromise the workplace from your home network. However, are all bad actors going to focus on compromising your work laptop or desktop to gain access to your workplace?  

Some may not be interested in that at all. They may change their focus to another area: your home.

In many cases, it’s not just adults working from home. There are kids working and studying from home as well, and they have laptops and tablets that are being used to connect to school networks. Bad actors may attempt to use your work system to compromise those devices; kids could think they are going to appropriate learning sites, but the bad actors can change settings to redirect them to malicious or inappropriate Websites.

There are other devices at home that bad actors could be interested in as well, such as Amazon Echos, Google Nest devices, smart thermostats, and network cameras. Bad actors can make changes to your home router or Wi-Fi devices by changing settings to point to malicious networks or Websites.  

These devices also need to be protected, and you can learn how to do so by following the advice that is given in GCA’s Work From Home Campaign. By taking these simple steps, you’re not only protecting your work but also your family and your home.

You can find information about the importance of updating your systems and applications to stay up to date with the latest security updates, keeping your accounts safe by moving beyond simple passwords, and taking measures to ensure your social media accounts follow security protocols, as they can also be targeted by cybercriminals.

For more assistance, you can visit the GCA Work From Home Community Forum where GCA security experts are on hand to answer your questions – we look forward to hearing from you!


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