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Work From Home: Nonprofit Coalition Brings a Global Perspective

Since the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) launched the Work From Home Campaign last month, 22 nonprofit organizations have joined our coalition in an effort to increase awareness about cybersecurity during this difficult time. These nonprofits are all committed to helping support a global workforce that has been forced to shift to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We live in a world in which we are more interconnected than ever before – especially now, due to remote working – and it is paramount that we are able to protect the integrity of this online ecosystem. Our partners in the Work From Home Campaign are all focused on empowering individuals and small businesses with the information, tools, and resources they need to become more cybersecure.

In order to reduce cybercrime, ensuring that individuals and businesses across sectors are armed with the knowledge and awareness they require is important. Our partners in this coalition do this in a variety of ways, from bringing together thought leaders, to compiling data and advocating for the adoption of best practices, to undertaking cybercrime incident response.

Part of GCA’s mission is to unite global communities in order to effectively address cyber risks, and this global theme is also evident among our partners in the Work From Home Campaign. These organizations are headquartered in countries around the world, but more importantly they make it part of their mission to serve communities in every corner of the world.

The idea of uniting global communities is prevalent in the work that these nonprofits do; cybercriminals do not discriminate based on geography or across sectors, and the health of the world’s cyber ecosystem is contingent on everybody having access to the knowledge and tools they need.

For a full list of our coalition partners, you can visit the Partner Resources page on our Work From Home website. There you can find links to their respective websites as well as to the resources they offer for individuals and businesses during this unprecedented time.

GCA’s Work From Home Campaign is a resource for information on remote working, including step-by-step instructions you can send to your employees. You can also visit the GCA Work From Home Community Forum for additional resources and to ask questions – our security experts are here to help you!


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